Why Email Marketing Works In Nigeria

Many businesses get established every new day and more businesses fold up that same day. It is said that about 60% of Nigerian businesses fold up after 3 years of being established. Nigeria is a place to start business and it is also a tough place to start business. Competition is very high and a little change in government policy or even government can affect your business in a big way.

To get Nigerians to buy from you, you need to be close to them. You need to know what they want, when they want it and how they want it. Nigerians are really not loyal to brands and a slight increase in price can make you lose your longest customer or client. Marketing is not cheap and it is good businesses whether big organizations or small or medium businesses stick to a budget. With email marketing, you are sure of reaching your audience and the good thing is you can always get them to buy from you everytime for ever as long as you stay in touch with them. The good thing about email marketing is that your own email list is your asset and you can be sure they will always buy from you if your product or service is affordable and it is needed by the people on your email list.

7 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Good For Your Business In Nigeria

Below are top 7 reasons why email marketing works in Nigeria.

  1. Email marketing help you sell your product or service.
  2. Email marketing help you build the relationship that your customers want to build with them.
  3. Email marketing help you reach people and they get the opportunity to read your email anytime they want to.
  4. Email marketing is very cheap and effective.
  5. Email marketing gives you the opportunity to personalise offer for your customers.
  6. Email marketing gives you the opportunity to interract with your customers and know what they want.
  7. Email marketing works.
Why Email Marketing Works In Nigeria

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