Volunteer With Us

You want to make more meaning with your life; then volunteering is a good way to start.

DigitalHelp is an organization that is helping individuals and businesses use digital means to achieve their goals, missions and visions at the cheapest cost.

DigitalHelp will give you the opportunity to be part of something great by giving you the opportunity to volunteer with us and work with our team.

You doubt your skillset or want to learn a new digital skill? Come volunteer with DigitalHelp and move from being a newbie to an expert. If you spend more time with us you can become a master.

To volunteer with us, send us an email stating what you will like to do for us to daniel@digitalhelp.com.ng and the duration (in months) you will like to volunteer with us.


  1. The volunteer program is fully remote.
  2. The program is unpaid.
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